Sunday, February 7, 2016

Bellator Signings & Upcoming UFC Fights

Benson Henderson and Chris Leben officially head to Bellator. It's the island of lost toys theory whereby you can scavenge value from remnants and creative viewer-friendly match-ups and Bellator has done this well. I tuned in to watch Tito vs
I'll definitely tune in to watch Royce vs Ken. As long as Bellator stays on Cable TV I see no reason not to watch as my side piece/bottom &$@?! to often overpriced UFC PPV's/events that cease
to be PPV worthy when one fight blanks *ahem* UFC 196/Cain vs Fabricio. Dana long derided Boxing for its one fight cards but if the loss of one fight nixes your PPV....c'mon....

Cerrone returns against a Brazilian nicknamed Cowboy and Roan Carneiro faces Derek Brunson on the same card on Feb. 21st. I think this event top to bottom has far more fights of note than tonight's UFC 106 No More event. 
Also on the card, Lineker, Kawajiri, Thatch, Krause, and Bermudez all fight. It's a good night of guys fighting hard to edge out the pack as they're all midway through their divisions but not too tiered guys who've already gotten title shots. 
At the end of the months on the 27th, Bisping who complains about fighting cheaters fights Anderson Silva coming off a suspension (a rose by any other name...), Brad Pickett returns, and Thales Leites fights Gegard Mousasi. Again, guys midway through the pack with solid experience who will put on professional level bouts.

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