Friday, February 26, 2016

Shortlist of Picks for UFC Fight Pass: Bisping vs Silva (kinda worth watching)

I'll be out of town competing at a Jiu-Jitsu event so I'll miss it, but I've got Bisping beating Silva by U Decision. Silva hasn't officially won a fight in almost 3 years. The gray in his beard makes him look aging and I think Bisping can still put the kind of fight on Silva to pressure him and batter him. Silva's time has passed.
"A king has his reign, then he dies."

It is the natural order of things. Silva still wants to believe in the myth of himself but I think the leg break and the steroid/drug suspension shook the image of himself he saw in others.

I was unimpressed watching Bisping's training for this fight and to see no truly notable faces in his training camp. I find this deeply concerting but less concerting than a feeble Silva refusing to believe his time has ended. He's the Lance Armstrong of MMA and his "performance" in the Nick Diaz fight was a throwback to the terrible fights with Leites, Maia, and others that we had to suffer through as fans because Silva was in a strange mood or simply didn't show up mentally or whatever-the-&^%$-it-was.

The Battle Lines video I watched, his voice, the literally sound of his voice was not the same to me. This might sound silly, but it's the kind of thing I pay attention to when picking fights.

Mousasi has COMPLETELY underwhelmed since coming to the UFC and is a B league-er but a can opener when better than the competition but unfortunately for him, the UFC top tier is too many attributes for him. He has looked TERRIBLE at times, listless at others, but simply unimpressive the vast majority of the time. He either needs to get on the realness in terms of steroids or leave the UFC.
Nakamura I'm choosing based on experience level and more wins by submission over granted lesser competition. I think Pickett uses a diverse stand-up attack to find Rivera in a submission whose biggest claim to fame is a close fight with Faber before an eye poke hurt him then he got finished.

I'm a big Pickett fan, have been since before he came to the UFC, but he's gotta be running against the clock career-wise at this point. Always loved seeing him fight, be good to see him win here. He has the clearly more well-rounded skillset when he chooses to use it and I think with his back against the wall, he'll use it here. 

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