Monday, February 1, 2016

UFC on Fox 18 - Monday Morning Hangover

I saw an interview with Barnett a couple days before the fight and Barnett was scoffing at Rothwell as the guy who got submitted by Mark Hunt. I had a fleeting thought he'd better be careful because I noted some slickness in that front headlock choke Rothwell had used to counter a lazy shot by Mitrione. In fact, the fight with Mitrione was similar in some ways to how the fight with Barnett played out: Rothwell was patient, didn't overextend, stalked, and when the opportunity arose, finished his opponent. I think stylistically Cain is a nightmare for him, as is Werdum. Finishing lower tier HW's is a faaaaaaar cry from beating those two beasts. Miocic's movement and athleticism and speed will also likely give a lumbering target like Rothwell fits, but he's a tough stone to step over on your way to the belt in the HW division. 

Bader: didn't see him coming out and shooting immediately against a bonkers strong wrestler in Johnson in the first round. Whatever I expected from Badet's gameplan, it wasn't that. The gameplan to beat Johnson has been laid but Badet decided to reinvent the wheel and paid for it . I caught the co-main events the hour between driving back from Charlotte after reffing the Newbreed tournament and then working 10pm until 4am that night. I caught the undercard when it played on UFC Deportes or some Spanish language broadcast channel while I was working security. Not a bad card for free TV and to pass time between checking ID's. Next up we have the non-PPV UFC 196 card sans Werdum-Cain Part Deux. 

I'll post my picks for UFC 196/On Fox whatever by the end of the week. Hint: I think Wonderboy chips away at the fading foundation of the formerly KO machine that was Hendricks. 

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