Monday, February 22, 2016

UFC Fight Night 83: Bad Beats & Favorites Doing What Favorites Do

The Brazilian Cowboy tapped about as fast as humanly possibly. I've always felt Cerrone's submission game is underrated, but that was the least deep looking triangle I've seen in MMA in quite awhile.
Was the fix on? Both sure did manage to not really punch one another in the face much and get paid (ala another high profile fight this weekend). I wouldn't put it past Ken Shamrock to bet against himself and make some money on the side. Especially since I don't think anyone on heart had Royce winning by strikes/TKO in the first round.

Back to the matter at hand, Oliveira loses a fight no one expected him to win, Cerrone makes money, Oliveira gets to be a main event on his birthday.....I dunno, maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist. Maybe a broken clock is right twice a day.

Riggs looked even worse than even I expected and got finished.
Tanquinho took a fight against a guy he had no business fighting on short notice and perhaps not at all. Tanquinho's stand-up/pulling away and straightening up his posture as he does so is a major/fundamental flaw in his game and will get him KTFO at this level of competition.

Roan Carneiro....looked okay until he swung and missed/fell down against the cage and opted to just cover up.....and cover up....and wait?

I over-estimated Roan's win over the soon-to-be-retired-at-that-time Munoz and underestimate Brunson's strong record which speaks for itself (only guy he's lost to in his last 4 fights is now-steroid-suspended Yoel Romero).
Overall, I went 5-2 with my picks, with Garbrandt and Brunson being my only spoilsports for the night.
I had Cerrone subbing Oliveira, Bermudez decision-ing Kawajiri, Krause taking Campbell to a decision, and Bamgbose stopping Sarafian as well.

Up next on the MMA horizon we have  Bellator card Friday with Galvao rematching Dantas (should be a good fight), Kongo facing someone, the Caveman Rickels fighting, and Kendall Grove back in action.
Should be a solid card all around for a Friday night on cable TV.
Saturday, I'll be competing at an invitational grappling event out of town and will miss the UFC Fight Pass Bisping vs Silva card, but would actually consider signing up for FightPass now as I've made it to the age of 33 and never paid for a monthly streaming service and the FightPass will now be streaming the Eddie Bravo Invitational.

Damn you Dana Whiiiiiiiiite! You finally have what I waaaaaant! If only They had Copa Podio I would already be signed up. 

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