Monday, February 22, 2016

5 Reasons I loved Kimbo VS Dada 5000

1. Claims of "baby nuts." 

2. Kimbo Doing so little from mount he was stood up while in mount. 

3. One guy fought until he almost died.

4. Kimbo is the contemporary American Jay Gatsby dream of borderline false celebrity: he is the Kim Kardashian of MMA. 

5. Dada is an even bigger success story: he rode Kimbo's coat tails to a Netflix documentary and a Bellator co-main event. The guy got more notoriety and got more peripheral exposure for every dude on that card ever had access to previously on any "legit" MMA card. I haven't sat down to watch an Emmanuel Newton fight ever. I saw one last weekend. 

We were in on the boondoggle/bamboozle. We were willing participants. We/You all tuned in and were active participants in the spectacle. Now it's all "for shame" and belaboring all the things that didn't stop you from tuning in at the critical moment of decision. Spare me. It was no less enthralling than OJ in a white bronco or Brittney Spears self-immolating her reputation with increasingly bizarre behavior. 
I notice everyone is now an arbiter of fine taste after the fact. Soak it in. Admit your guilty pleasure. It kept the one true Cardinal rule of entertainment: it wasn't boring. 

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