Thursday, February 18, 2016

UFC 196 Extended Preview: McGregor vs Dos Anjos

It's no secret if you follow my blog that I'm a McGregor fan. Moreso, I'm a fan of guys who seek and achieve excellence and display both the mindset and the goals and success that represent excellence.

McGregor has finished all but one of his opponents (Holloway is the lone survivor) and he did to Jose Aldo in 11 seconds what Aldo had done to so many others.

I'm a fan of those who buck the conventional wisdom. McGregor's goal of dual weight class domination would put him in a category of those with belts in multiple weight classes or repeat champions (Belfort, Couture, et cetera).

I'm also a fan of watching the rationalization monster at work.
Preceding McGregor's fights the critics will say this or that as to why he'll lose then after winning they discount the guy he faced  (has never faced a wrestler/he's protected by the UFC) or training camp (Mendes didn't have time to adequately prepare) or the nature of the win (the fight with Aldo was "luck" or wasn't "a real fight").

- "If you must fail, do so while daring greatly."

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