Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kid Peligro's Unofficial ADCC 2013 List(s)

That much hallowed every other year event is coming up: ADCC.

Kid Peligro has compiled some unofficial lists of those listed as competing thus far -

Under 77kg is wide open with the confirmation that Marcelo Garcia will not be competing:

1- Octavio de Souza (Invited)
2- Leo Vieira (Invited)
3- Lucas Lepri (Invited)
4- Youngnam Noh (Asia – Pacific World Trials)
5-AJ Agazarm1- Rafael Mendes - 2011 Champion
6- Gary Tonnes(North American Trials Ohio)
7- Leo Nogueira (Brazil Trals)
8- Kamil Mitosek (European trials winner)
9- Sotaro Yamada (Asian Trials)"

Under 88kg - expect some more add'l grotesque knee injuries with Toquinho returning. I'm interested to see the likes of Lovato and Langhi as well as Calasans and Keenan Cornelius all in one division together. This year sees Miyao, Keenan, and Agazarm appearing as the next wave of up and comers debuting in the grappling world's (one of  the most) prestigious event(s):
"1- Rousimar Palhares (2nd place in 2011)
2- Rafael Lovato Jr
3- Michael Langhi
4- Oskar Piechota
5- Keenan Cornelius - North American West Trials
6- Doorwang Jeon Asia – Pacific World Trials
7- Claudio Calasans - Brazil Trials
8- Josh Hayden- North American Trials Ohio
9- Shinsho Anzai - Asian Trials"

Under 66kg - Tanquinho winning his bracket at the Worlds which included both Rafa and Cobrinha is truly awe-inspiring. The addition of Miyao makes for some genuine interest earlier on in the brackets in one of the most competitive divisions in the world:
"1- Rafael Mendes - 2011 Champion
2-  Rubens Charles "Cobrinha" - 2011 runner up
3- Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes - announced by the committtee
4- Justin Rader - announced by the committtee
5- Robert Sabaruddin - Asia-Pacific Championship
6- Timo Juhani Hirvikangas - European Championship
7- Mark Ramos - North American Championship East
8 - Darson Hemmings - North American Championship West
9- Nicholas Renier European Poland Trials
10- Joao Miyao - Brazil Championship
11- Uruka Sasaki - Asian Championship (North American trials San Diego)

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