Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Copa Podio & Travis Stevens

Got this from over at BJJ Eastern Europe:

How he got into BJJ:
"In 2012 I suffered a really bad foot injury while getting ready for the London Olympic Games and so to stay in shape I sought out the best BJJ school I could find and that was Renzo Gracie’s in Manhattan NY. I basically lived in a hotel for three months in NYC where I trained at Renzo’s three times a day desperately trying to stay in shape for the London Olympics in that three months I fell in love with the sport and started to compete soon after the London Olympics."

I found myself due to knee injuries spending more time practicing BJJ as half-guard from the bottom was about all I could do in the interim.
That and I realized if I wanted better mat work, I should work with guys that it was their specialty. I knew not all of it would cross over, but I wanted that seemingly effortless control and fluidity some of the higher ranked BJJ guys used when I rolled with them. I used to care more about what crossed over, but now, like I've said, I like competing in each and appreciate their differences and attributes.

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