Friday, August 9, 2013

Leandro Lo vs Jacob Mackenzie: From 2012-2013

Below I've linked 2 Leandro Lo matches against the same opponent: Jacob Mackenzie.

The matches begin similarly with Mackenzie shooting a low single, but in 2012 Mackenzie immediately goes to a deep half position whereas in 2013, he works more diligently for the low single but is ultimately reversed by Leandro Lo with a sacrifice throw/sumi gaeshi type turnover b/c Mackenzie stops driving with the single leg and goes static for a bit, allowing Leandro to react and adjust.

The 2013 match is vintage Lo with his knee through, active posting with the left hand, punching the right hand through to underhook as he knee through passes or cross facing Mackenzie's face away with the back of his right forearm and virtually stuffing all manner of Mackenzie's attempts to spin underneath and sweep from deep half. In 2013, Mackenzie briefly gets to one legged x-guard which Lo steps over, and briefly has spots in deep half but the show is by and large Leandro Lo. 

In the 2012 Match, Leandro very quickly punches his right hand through to the underhook then Gable grips to force the knee through pass on Mackenzie by the 1:15 mark. Mackenzie gets back to half-guard and Leandro Lo must restart with his knee through and gets back to active posting with the left hand, right hand in the cross collar and working his knee through pass again. It's not until the 3 minute mark that Lo passes Mackenzie's half-guard/deep half switching back and forth.
At 6:21 Mackenzie almost takes Lo's back in identical fashion to the way he does from deep half in the 2013 match, but Lo ultimately scrambles to make enough space to come up to knee through the middle pass as usual.
Mackenzie does a far better job than most of the guys I've seen face Lo (Clark Gracie comes to mind, as does Sean Roberts - granted, a newly minted black belt, but the list of guys Lo just quickly passes their guard is very long indeed).

First up - Leandro Lo vs Jacob Mackenzie from the CBJJE Pan Ams in 2012

Second up - LEandro Lo vs Jacob Mackenzie from the CBJJE Mundials in 2013

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