Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday's Multimedia Mailbag from the Minor League Series of Fighting Stuffs

It is what it is. Your excuse(s) is(are) invalid. See above for proof.

I got off work at my other job and was home by 2 something AM.
Just in time to catch Ray Sefo miss a headkick, turn with his hands down and get caught with a big shot, then 2-3 other well-placed shots really had him hurt, and then a guy I'd never heard of finished off Sefo.

It was tough to watch, but then, that's why we watch fights. There is always that chance that the "other guy" will come through and pull of the upset.

By and large, the card was entertaining, and as something on for free, being rerun at 2 something AM as I sat on the couch and unwound from working downtown, I can't complain.

My biggest complaint was actually the glorified sparring by Tyrone Spong. He was literally fed an undersized guy with not nearly enough power to finish Spong in any likelihood (I know, see above), and yet, Spong never really brought the heat.

Maybe he had a tough weight cut, maybe doing the kickboxing tournaments, making weight, sparring, paying his bills, whatever, I'm sure the guy has legitimate reasons why his performance fell flat, I just as a fan was a bit disappointed. I'm sure he'll violently punish and finish whatever poor soul faces him next (how about him and Arlovski at light heavyweight?), I'm just called it as I saw it. I like Spong, I like watching him fight, technically he's great, it just missed the mark a bit for me.

Newell continues to impress and it's hard not to root for the guy and then also enjoy watching him win. He comes to fight and does so and wins convincingly.

Some other guys I'm not familiar with from the broadcast:

At the end of the day, I'm glad it was on, it was a good card, and it's good that fighters not in the UFC get some spotlight. I'd be hard pressed to admit I enjoyed it any less than some of the recent UFC main cards.

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