Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Then & Now: Keenan Cornelius

From unmentioned by Graciemag leading up to the worlds, to gracing the cover most recently, Keenan Cornelius has experienced a meteoric rise to stardom in the sport BJJ/grappling world.

Despite the TLI scandal, Keenan has emerged as a part of Atos and has begun his much anticipated ascent to the black belt ranks as he wraps up his first year competing as a brown belt (winning his weight but losing the absolute to Paulo Miyao - who became the lightest competitor ever to win the brown belt absolute at worlds). Keenan will join the likes of Cobrinha, Rafa, Otavio Souza, Claudio Calasans, and dozens of others of the world's best grapplers at the upcoming ADCC in China.

At any rate, I've been following Keenan since he began his purple belt campaign:

The Next World Champion:

IBJJF March 2013 Boston Open - Keenan Cornelius vs Gianni Grippo:

Copa Podio (competing against a cadre of top notch black belts):

2013 Mundials Brown Belt finals/Absolute against Paulo Miyao:

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