Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don't Believe Everything You Read: Tito Ortiz ACL Surgery Edition

Apparently, Tito Ortiz is going to fight Rampage Jackson in a cage roughly 6 months after ACL surgery. 
He also claims he was back drilling 6 weeks after surgery.
This is the same Tito who claims he fought with a cracked skull and virtually every other unimaginable injury someone could fight with/through/whatever in his various losses.

At any rate, if he is fighting 6 months removed from ACL surgery (replacement as he claims) he is actually even less intelligent than I previously suspected. My surgeon made absolutely clear to me that the graft heals and attaches to bone at the 4-6 month mark but that doing too much too soon weakens that connection and leads to failure down the road. Training anything resembling MMA is a sure fire recipe for disaster, just ask Dominic Cruz or King Mo among many others.

The graft has to heal and the muscles in the leg have to strengthen, and you have to reacquire your coordination.

At any rate, don't believe everything you read...or believe it and know it is a terrible idea. 

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