Monday, August 12, 2013

The Spirit of Anthony Johnson Smiles Down....

I've posted before about Anthony Johnson's weight foibles....but...the title of poorly missing weight is no longer his. That honor title distinction belongs in the hands of another: Lew Polley everyone.

Cage Potato has also been kind enough to construct a weigh-in failure score board for us MMA factoid nerds out there to bicker over at keg parties on balconies of friends houses where we debate the merits of Bruce Lee vs Rickson Gracie rather than hit on actual girls in social situations or brave the club/dance places where guys with big biceps wear bedazzled shirts with feathers, horns, skulls, and tribal artwork and tell every chick in stilletoes about their "underground cage matches for undisclosed amounts of money" and that their style is "ground n' pound".

The above are all things I've actually seen and/or heard firsthand.
My god, these people.

One more, just for nostalgia value:


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