Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Negative Nancy Discusses UFC on Fox Sports 1 Tonight

My Greatest Fears about tonight's card:
Clay Guida somehow wins a decision by out-hugging Chad Mendes and I have to hear about him in title talk contention.
Mendes gets another early KO, but then does what? Knocks off actual title contenders (unlike Clay Guida)? Faces Jose Aldo who brutally finished him inside of one round?

Condit or Kampmann wins and neither of whom has a shot in hell of not being out-wrestled by GSP. Condit, having faced GSP and wobbled him,  is a more dangerous fight I truly believe but I'm not super interested in seeing him lose the majority of 5 rounds again.

Cerrone will likely choke, as Dos Anjos has become a more consistent fighter and well-rounded in his UFC tenure, and Cerrone finds a way to blow it whenever he's close to a title shot.


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