Wednesday, August 28, 2013

UFC 164 Predictions & Dissecting UFC 164 Countdown Video: Lying by Omission Edition

"For when you die, it will be without honor."

In hilarious UFC 164  soundbyte news, Josh Barnett discusses Frank Mir's ground game: "I can think of a lot of drunken nights that have been bigger mistakes than grappling Frank Mir."
    - Josh Barnett

A couple other random thoughts on the already posted UFC 164 Countdown:
Some lies by omission:
Josh Barnett never got stripped from the title for steroids, but rather fought in Japan and did some Pro Wrestling.
Josh Barnett didn't sink the Affliction/Fedor card due to another hot piss test, he's just shown knocking out one of the Noguieras.
He didn't necessarily lose to Daniel Cormier, but apparently knee'd him in the eye and took him down somewhere in his racking up 8 straight wins in the HW division.

That being said, the card has some interesting match-ups. Jokes aside, I'm very interested to see Pettis rematch Ben Henderson, the last man to beat Bendo before he won the belt. Pettis choked against Guida but I think he simply overlooked the one-dimensional fighter.

Mir vs Barnett will be interesting if Barnett doesn't land some heavy punches from top position (Mir's recent crash landing zone against guys like Carwin and Lesnar).

Mendes will perhaps finish Guida b/c I do respect Mendes' punching power against guys not named Aldo who pick him apart.

Do I care about Brandon Vera or Rothwell? Not really.

Poirer vs Koch will be an exciting fight no matter who wins.

Tibau vs Varner will go to a decision, probably split.

The rest of the fights I don't care much if anything about either.

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