Friday, August 9, 2013

Silly & Pointless and MMA News to Kick Off Your Weekend!

Gegard Mousasi has called out Vitor Belfort (the guy with a legion of fans and highlight reel KO's, currently within a fight of a title shot), whereas Gegard Mousasi to the casual fan is the guy who fought that guy from Sweden and could barely pick the unknown can fighter apart until it was mercifully ended via TKO/cut stoppage.

Belfort's recent UFC resume:

In other predictably expected news, Ronda Rousey says she "could be" done fighting in two years. She waxes poetic about a road trip and the realization she could lose after having her back taken in her last fight, then comments something about how you can die in the Octagon. I bet her riding around in SoCal traffic is statistically far more dangerous than a sanctioned MMA bout in her division.
That acting but likely figures in as she's made some easy money, but other than Oleg Taktarov, the likes of her making money long term is probably about as good as Rampage Jackson's acting career.


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