Thursday, August 22, 2013

Alert the Drug Czar: Barnett Never Lost the HW Belt

"no one ever took my belt from me, so I don't what belt they were putting around (his waist), but that wasn't the UFC heavyweight title as far as I was concerned."

That's like saying if you came in over the contracted weight, then lost the fight, you still didn't lose.
This isn't parking lot 3pm fighting. It's a legitimate sport with rules and if you don't like them (like not using banned substances), either fight elsewhere or learn to piss clean.

I suppose it's not surprising that Barnett a 3 strike loser in the game of PED-testing would come up with some self-deluding rationale to hype this upcoming bout.

And, oddly enough, I think Barnett is hilarious and a welcome addition to the division. But damn if he makes it hard to like him when he's such an egregiously repeat offender.


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