Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday's Strangle Dossier: Head Down, Loop Choke - Flavio Canto Ed.

Matwork-ing his way to prominence in Judo- Flavio Canto:
Olympic Games
Bronze 2004 Athens -81 kg
Pan American Games
Gold 2003 Santo Domingo -81 kg
Silver 1999 Winnipeg -81 kg
Bronze 1995 Mar del Plata -78 kg
South American Games
Gold 2002 Rio de Janeiro -81 kg
Pan American Judo Championships
Gold 2010 San Salvador -81 kg

One of my coaches is crafty with the loop choke. If you're passing the guard, and your head is down, the loop choke is coming. Period.

The Canto strangle is one of the ones highlighter here (first), and the quick loop choke to victory for an opponent who's not paying attention or ignores the danger sign of the grip in the collar/lapel, pays for his hastiness.

And more about the (Flavio) Canto Strangle:

More of Flavio Canto's matwork/newaza:

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