Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Your Diet Sucks Because You're Lazy and You Allow it to Impede Your Performance

I stumbled across this linked on BJJNews.com (seriously, go check them first every day).

I learned a similar recipe but with some taste accouterments (bacon and spinach) from a training partner whilst at the Pan Ams year before last.

“My first advice is to look for a nutritionist .In my case it was a sports nutrition who was able to point me to a diet suitable for my objectives. A favorite snack of mine is” Sweet Potato with grilled chicken breast. A dish that is quick and easy to prepare. ”
200gr of sweet potatoes
100ge of lean chicken meat
Grill the chicken with half a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil.
Make cuts into the sweet potatoes with a knife so that they cook faster. Set aside for 7-10 minutes.
Peel the potatoes when ready, mix together with the chicken and enjoy your meal.
You can substitute the chicken with turkey breast."

You are what you eat is a simple mantra in sports and exercise.
I also hear people always say they don't have time to cook.
The healthier you eat, the easier I find preparation of said diet to be.
As I've gotten older, and especially in the past couple years, my energy level derived from my diet the day before, or the worst (several days in airports or out of town travelling/hotel rooms), is unavoidably linked. I can feel my energy drain in training rapidly when I eat like *&^%.
As for some specifics of how I eat, maintain weight, and have energy to train (and look so young, yeah right): I bake my chicken after seasoning, I boil most of my vegetables which I eat (green beans, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, spinach, broccoli et cetera).
If you always prepare enough for 2, you have lunch for the following day at work.
I keep eggs scrambled and some ground bison to make breakfast taco type things each morning at work.
I keep apples and bananas and come citrus fruit for the afternoon when I want sugar/caffeine.
I make a sandwich with lunch meat as healthy as I can find (Applegate Farms is pricey but good), and I add mustard with some avocado on Ezekiel bread.

My lunch and breakfast take little to no time to prepare (other than scrambling eggs or cooking the ground bison once a week which I then store and take to work Monday morning). The sandwich takes not even 5 minutes to prepare.
Dinner, if you count waiting on the chicken to bake, I rarely spend more than 30-45 min's preparing including wait time, which I have to wind down from training until 9pm or later at night anyway. The actual prep time for any chicken I make or meat for dinner is less than 5 minutes which includes unwrapping, seasoning, and waiting for the oven to preheat. I then prepare the vegetables or salad I'll have with it while the protein is in the oven.
Coffee, during the week, I brew at work when I arrive.
If I went to a restaurant that wasn't fast food, I'd spend comparable time driving, sitting down, ordering, waiting, paying, then driving home. It's not time we need more of, it's just laziness that impedes are desire to prepare our own food and eat in a healthy manner.

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