Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last MInute Hype Train Videos For Shogun vs Chael and Overeem vs Browne

For the launch of programming on a brand new flagship sports network, the UFC's been low key in appealing to us, the hardcore fans. They correctly assume we'll tune in, and you get the feeling the card is set to appeal new potential fans rather than those of us who always watch UFC-style fighting whenever it appears on cable or PPV.

At any rate, I'll be working my other job, but as the hours count down I grow increasingly interested to see if Alistair really is that flat when proving he has "normal" Testosterone levels or if Travis Browne's crumbling under the weight of Bigfoot was a fluke. I think if Browne has early success he can win the fight. I've never been a big believer in Alistair's ability against top flight or even closer to the top of the figurative flight of competition, but does that mean Browne is high enough up the rung to beat him? Browne grew a beard and that's always been a psychological tell regarding confidence to me, but if he lands a good shot, and/or Alistair showboats and lets him adjust, Browne can pull off the win. Alistair's never beaten A-list fighters in MMA. Look at his resume for proof. It simply remains to be seen if Browne has recovered from his devastating KO loss to Bigfoot (who incidentally KO'd Alistair by coming on strong in the 3rd ala Rocky vs Clubber Lang.

That being said, Shogun, still fighting since his wars in Pride, his life-shortening bout with Dan Henderson plugs on, trying to regain a shot at Jon Jones who he clearly did not respect nor take seriously in their first bout and added his scalp to the chopping block of former champs that is the Jon Jones machine. Brazil's Undesirable No. 1, Chael Sonnen, gets the spotlight again and it's interesting to see if/how he works toward another title shot if he takes down Shogun for the better part of 3 rounds. That's about the only way I see him winning. Chael hasn't made a habit of finishing fights but rather grinding out wins with top position (save him outstriking Anderson Silva, go figure, in their first bout).

Anyhow, I'm being a Chatty Kathy, you came for videos:


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