Saturday, August 10, 2013

Leandro Lo vs Felipe Preguica @ Rio Open

Leandro Lo struggles with his guard passing here, in the open division. Preguice makes it nearly 4 1/2 minutes before Lo passes and nearly gets to mount, perhaps briefly, it's hard to tell by the angle.
It's interesting to see Lo struggle with perhaps a longer limbed, heavier opponent, and not to discredit anything about his game, as he's at the forefront of cutting edge competition at the moment, but perhaps like the Mendes brothers, he is limited by his skillset with guys of comparable size/frame in his division.
At 8:50 Lo gets to the back briefly from standing position to knee through pass as Preguica adjusts grip but in the restart against must address the guard.

You can tell in scrambles Lo would normally reassert pressure and break the opponent down, here, with Preguica, his fatigue and the size difference halts his gains in momentum.

Part of what always set apart Marcelo Garcia and Royler was their work against heavier opponents and it will be interesting if another star rises in the next few years from the lighter weight classes to bring back the old adage/belief in the small man beating the big man.

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