Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Aaaaaand He's Gone: Forrest Griffin's Retirement Speech

Forrest Griffin's rise from TUF contender, admitted workhorse rather than technically skilled fighter, publishing of books, fan favorite, mercurial crier and runner after losing to Anderson Silva, will remain one of the stranger ones in UFC history.

His historic fight with Stephan Bonnar regardless of whatever some may say, was one of the watershed moments for the UFC and thus mixed martial arts.
I remember calling friends to tell them, "you have to change the channel right now".

That being said, in a move no one is surprised to see come, Forrest Griffin has retired.

The tone in his voice, and his candor in recent interviews before and after fights made it clear his heart was no longer completely in the sport of mixed martial arts.

See the speech below:


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