Friday, May 24, 2013

Claudio Calasans Comments on Preparation for Mundials

Main Achievements/Record:
From over at Graciemag:
"Last year you let the gold escape in the final against Otavio Sousa. What has changed for you since that Worlds?
I am coming experienced. Last year, I lost the final in the last 10 seconds. It made me grow a lot. I have to be focused on the fight the entire time. We can’t give the opponents a chance or leave it to the referees to decide. I’ve been trying to be more complete. I wasn’t training on top, for example, because I already had a good judoka base, but I reviewed it. Now I’ve been evolving to improve my timing and not miss the opportunity to takedown and score. I always train a lot of my guard and the guard passing. For each opponent, I will prepare a sharp strategy to make him feel him uncomfortable the whole time during the match."

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