Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tournament Self-Review: US Grappling Virginia Beach Continued

Back when I had long hair, chillin' matside.

I posted my first two matches of the day HERE, where I primarily utilized the Bernardo Faria sweep to knee through passing to knee on belly then finished with a lapel choke from the top.

Second to last match of the Day, a rematch with a guy I beat at the Submission Only the month before:
I sit and immediately fight to deep half guard, then feed the lapel for my Bernardo Faria sweep, I end up in a double under type position from bottom with my opponent in a near mount type position, but I'm able to sweep and come up on top.
I get to my over/under position and pass briefly but he counters and I utilize the stack pass to settle into sidemount on the far side, I get to knee on belly and eventually finish with a lapel choke variation I got from Gui Mendes in one of the Art of Jiu-Jitsu videos.


Final match of the day, blue belt under 149 adult final:
I had failed to submit him in the 30+ division earlier b/c of a mistake I made in not fighting for the underhook which burned time off the clock as we scrambled before I got back to top position. I was determined to finish him this time around.

I hit my Kurt Osiander DLR sweep to top position from sit-up guard as I did in our previous match. He nearly swept me in the scramble but I come up to top.
I fight for my under/over pass but he had his leg partially across and my grip is entangled from the sweep but I know I can't reset my grips mid pass or I'll lose the progress I've made.
I fight to half-guard, obtain the underhook but then go back to the over/under pass position and finally backstep/over/under pass then settle into sidemount by keeping the pressure but I almost get swept as I get too high with my knee in the hip, fighting for the underhook and he almost gets his belly down like he did in our first match which forced me to spin to the back the first time around. This time I'm on my grip and settle after he tries to disrupt my base and I'm ride back to my low angle half-guard pass knee up cut through.
I go for my brabo but he defends, then I reset my grip and get the tap as I use mount to add pressure from the top.


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