Sunday, May 26, 2013

UFC 160: in Pictures and GIFs- JDS Spinning Back Heel Kick and other Shenanighans


So I was working downtown last night, unaware that the ridiculously pleasing spinning back heel kick had struck again.
In the heavyweight division.

If anyone had told me Dos Santos would get a 3rd round KO set up by spinning back heel kick to the temple, I'd have politely told them to lay off the hard drugs.

Mind blowing. 
I feel somewhat vindicated in that I correctly said that having Cain fight Bigfoot was a laughable proposition at best, and that the editing department must have been paid overtime to concoct a narrative for the hype machine/countdown show whereby Bigfoot had a chance in *&^% of winning. 


In other news TJ Grant stamped his place in line for a shot at Benson Henderson (maybe a fight that won't end in decision MMA Gods? Please? Please?) with his dramatic KO of Gray Maynard.

And KJ Noons and Donald Cerrone had quite the fight as well, with Cerrone continuing his on again off again relationship with the winner's circle.

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