Monday, May 6, 2013

SPOILER ALERT: Updated Copa Podio Lightweight Grand Prix and Superfight Results

For a more in depth breakdown of the individual matches, go to
From over at Kid Peligro's informative corner of the Jiu-Jitsu web:
"Vinicius Marinho defeats Fernando "Terere" by points 5 x 2
Xande Ribeiro defeats Braulio Estima by points 7 x 2
Lightweight Grand Prix
Green Bracket
Leandro Lo looking super impressive beating his opponents. Clark Gracie having a good show with wins and one draw so far
Leandro Lo v DJ Jackson - Lo by points
Vinicius Marinho vs Diego Borges - Diego Borges wins by points

Team Challenge
Rodolfo Vieira defeats Leo Leite by points
Leonardo Maciel v Dimitrius de Souza - Souza by points on the team challenge GF Team defeats Alliance

Rodolfo Vieira v Ricardo "Demente" - Vieira by Advantage

Lightweight GP Finals
Diego Borges v Leandro Lo - Lo repeats as Champion"

As they old adage states....."To the victor go the spoils..."


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