Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big League Chew: (More?) UFC Fighters Sponsored by Reebok

A little backstory to Reebok and the UFC via Rampage Jackson: though Rampage is not the most reliable of narrators.....that being said, Varner and Hendricks are not current belt holders, and the trickling down to non-title holders speaks well for the sport. Hendricks fights for the belt soon if GSP can be publicly shamed into not putting off the fight but Varner is not in the top 5 for his weight class I assume b/c I don't bother to check the laughably inconsequential UFC rankings or whatever they are.

Varner and Hendricks with Reebok:
"UFC fighters Jamie Varner and Johny Hendricks have entered into a partnership with Reebok in which each will compete at The Spartan Race May 18th in Burnet, Texas. In addition, UFC head Dana White indicated that he met with Reebok heads Monday in what may be a sponsorship deal with the UFC.
Varner and Hendricks have a trip planned to Reebok Headquarters for some product research and development. Their agent, Oren Hodak at KO Reps, stated that both fighters were excited to join forces with the apparel giant...White tweeted he had a meeting with Reebok reps today."

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