Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Updated: Team Alliance & Checkmat Prepare for 2013 Mundials

Kid Peligro discussing preparations with Alliance's Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti:

"KP- The Worlds is les than 2 weeks away how is the team preparation going?
RJ- The team preparation is excellent, everyone of our athletes turned on the ignition button and the training sessions are frenetic, not only here but in all our affiliates, here Lucas and I are pushing the limits, we are going to be 30 strong from this main academy alone. In Sao Paulo and In Rio, Fabio (Gurgel) and Alexandre (Paiva) are in command of the daily activities. In Sao Paulo, where we host many of our tops, I know that Fabio made sure everyone is ready and will only travel at the right time to get the most out of their training. Everyone has been “sequestered” at the Academy training 3 times a day, it is hell, it is the time when the children cry and the mom doesn't’t listen
We also have camps in New York with Marcelo Garcia and Clemente and in LA, “Cobrinha” is leading the charge. They are all training like never before. It is war Kid and we are all ready wherever the Alliance Eagle flag flies you can believe it is blood,sweat and tears

KP- Which of your fighters have the greatest chance to get gold?
The usual group, Malfa (Bruno Malfacine), Corbinha, Lucas (Lepri), Langhi, Serginho, Tarsys, Bernardo, Leo Nogueira and Leo Leite, but we have some new faces that I am sure will be causing damage in the near future

KP- Alliance team has been supreme in the last few in all the major tournaments. How do you maintain that position?
We achieve everything with a lot of work, lots of effort and organization. Everyday we are on the mats, I am 60 years old but I still teach every day, Fabio and Gigi are the same way. We go to every tournament and we lead the team from the front, so show the team they can count on us 100%. This way we set the example for our other instructors to do the same. I know that Casquinha, Marcelinho, Cobrinha and all the other instructors are in the same beat and, as you can witness, our team is solid and we work very hard and that is the reason of our success.

KP- How do you keep you athletes motivated to train and prepare for tournaments
Well the main motivation has to come from within each person, of course our job is to direct and encourage this energy and being a part of the training regimen daily we demonstrate that we are there as well showcasing that without hard work one cannot achieve anything.

KP- What do you think of the new teams biting at your heels, Checkmat and Atos have made big strides lately
I think it is great having other teams pushing us, the tournaments get more exciting and it only helps us do more. I don’t see this as a negative thing but rather a positive situation for everyone.

KP- What do you think makes your team so successful time after time, what is the big difference.
The difference is that we are a great large team but we are very united, without any jealousies or false pride. We are all equal and the team is above us all at all times. We have a tradition of participating in all the Worlds since the event’s inception and without a doubt we will be fighting to get to the top yet again

KP- What are your plans for the immediate future
Our plans are to further improve our programs, for beginners, intermediates and advanced and the children’s program. We want to give our instructors the tools they need to have the same high standards everywhere whether they are here at the main academy, in Rio or Sao Paulo or anywhere in the World, we want the students to get the same high level teachings so that our methods of teaching make the difference to all students of Alliance regardless of where they are. We’ve been investing quite a bit on our association with seminars and classes and on Alliance Online to take this team to the next level

KP- Anything else you want to add?
I want to thank our instructors and our athletes as they are the ones that make the difference and also thank all our team sponsors, like Keiko, who has been a constant supporter and to all of you that help spread the word about our work, Budo Videos recently did a nice story about us. I also have to mention the IBJJF, their organization puts out a very professional event"

Kid Peligro discussing preparations with Leo Vieira of Checkmat:

"KP- The Worlds is 2 weeks away how is the team preparation going?
LV- Our camp has a fixed schedule but we are in many locations. We adapt so we can give support to our athletes that are located in deferent cities, that way we can train better and fit everyone’s schedule to get the most benefits to all. Our athletes are instructors in different cities and their commitment as athletes is as strong as their commitment and responsibilities to their students and academies. Then on weekends we get together, now as you can imagine, with the event so close we will have our team together with all our competitors from Brazil and Europe coming here.

KP- Which of our competitors have the strongest chance for Gold in the Worlds Black Belt division?
LV- Even thou everyone is looking at “Buchecha” as the favorite, just as I am, I see other possibilities of medals in all of my athletes. Jiu-Jitsu is like soccer, it is a “box of surprises” however the results are a function of the training combined with your STRATEGY. You can always increase your chances with dedication and preparation but there are many things that can alter the course of your event and your path to the podium in competitions. Just as we had a different Marcelo “Lapela” Mafra in the Pan we are preparing other “Surprises” this year in the Worlds

KP- Your team Checkmat has been nipping at the top of the podium, what do you believe you need to do to reach team gold?
LV- In a word, organization! For 3 years I couldn’t get a VISA for the USA and that absence is felt by our athletes, they lose some of their motivation and they lose the focus as a competition team. Then there was a surprise split in the team and the birth of Atos team that got many of out top athletes and that took away from our strength and our ability to add points and is also competing with us with the same objective which is to reach the top.
Now I am here for the tournament and to give a direction to our instructors and athletes to re-establish the structure that we once had for our team and increase our competitiveness

KP- To what you attribute the success that your team has had in the last events?
LV- I attribute the surge in our results to the dedication that our athletes to achieve good results and the commitment of our instructors with their students. We have excellent professionals and athletes that are always ready to help each other with the team goal as the main objective even putting their own personal goals aside. Those who had a different vision from this commitment to the team have moved away and this leads to a natural selection

KP- What are your immediate plans?
LV- Now the focus is the Worlds and to organize our team as a whole. My objective is to create a structure here in America where I can have easier integration with our athletes in Europe and Brazil. My plan is to have a training center here and to have that as our headquarters with offices, mat and lodging for our athletes and affiliates.

KP- Anything you want to add?
LV- I want to personally thank each and every member of our team, whether they are competitors or not, those who believe in our values, not because we have something to give back to them but more important for what we have to reciprocate in terms of feelings, help and sincerity. I want to thank our sponsors and partners who have followed us in competition and our rivals  who make the competition a chance for us to showcase our worth and give us reasons to better ourselves. CHECKMAT RULES !  Thanks KID"


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