Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Surprisingly Busy MMA Newsday in Pictures Alert!: UFC Castaways, Announcer Transitions (Thank God), and Boxers in MMA

Shane Carwin has retired. The former Interim heavyweight champ went further in the sport in a short period of time than the other 99% of combat athletes can claim. Impressive, sir.
Retiring with your only two losses coming to JDS and the belt-holder at the time Brock Lesnar....not bad either.

The awkwardness is palpable....even now.
 Mauro Ranallo the hyperbolic shouting nonsensical madman from EliteXC and other promotions is thankfully moving more into boxing commentating.
Tyrone Spong's visa issues kept him off of WSOF 3, but he'll be doing a NY kickboxing tourney in the interim potentially pocketing 200k if he wins. I'm fairly certain that's more than he'd make for busting up some can with no wrestling in WSOF.

One FC: Rise to Power Card on May 31st complete according to
"MAIN CARD (Online PPV, 8 a.m. ET)
PRELIMINARY CARD (Free online PPV, 6:30 a.m. ET)
  • Felipe Enomoto vs. Lowen Tynanes
  • Tony Johnson vs. Tim Sylvia
  • Ryan Diaz vs. Yusup Saadulaev"
UK-Face-punching Cagefighter UFC Style Highlights: Cage Warriors 54:

Latest Boxer to Call out MMA Champ: Tyson I currently don't have any fights booked and my career is heading into a tailspin or unimportance obscurity and mediocrity Fury

Aaaaand, we're about 5 weeks out from the start return? of Bellator's summer season series whatever-the-*&^%-you-call-it.

The good news is that it features Jansen vs Chandler, Babalu and King Mo trying to erase their last fights/losses to guys you've never heard of  and the return of....wait for it.....WAR MACHINE!!!!!!

"So train hard and take your fish oil and multivitamin."

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