Sunday, May 5, 2013

Copa Podio Lightweight Grand Prix Results/Discussion/SPOILER Alert

After 24 matches, Leandro Lo is champion of Copa Podio again. - live blog with results and descriptions as they become available/occur:

Graciemag Recap of the event:
Superfight Results THUS FAR:
"Michael Langhi defeated Claudio Caloquinha in a very balanced
"Guto Campos made the second super-fight against Rafael Abi-Rihan. Campos was the victorious, thanks to an armbar that caught and hurt Abi-Rihan."

"In the GP, Lo classified along with Dimitrius Souza (Alliance) in the yellow group.
In the green group, Davi Ramos (Atos) and Ricardo Bastos (Nova UniĆ£o) got their places in the semifinals.
In the semifinals, Lo scored 8-2 against Ricardo Bastos, while the new star Dimitrius Souza defeated Davi Ramos and went to the finals."

In the finals, Leandro Lo defeated Dimitrius to win his second GP!
Davi Ramos defeated Ricardo Bastos and got the third place.


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