Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Morning Metamoris II Countdown Video: Braulio Estima vs Rodolfo Vieira

Yes, the second installment of the Metamoris is coming out way.
The Mundials occupy the end of May and shortly thereafter on June 9th  we have the Torrance Academy/Gracies of Ryron , Rener, Ralek, and father Rorion putting together a professional grappling event.

This one seems to be utilizing somewhat of a 3 sided appeal to viewers: matching up some superstars (ala Braulio and Rodolfo), matching up some MMA fighters vs pure grapplers (Brendan Schaub vs Cyborg) and the old school Japan vs Brazil rivalry angle with Kron as father Rickson and Shinya as Kimura (with a slight MMA vs grappling angle thrown in that one as well).

At any rate, here's the countdown for Braulio vs Rodolfo.
Braulio looked a bit off his game (though he did try some berimbolo-esque stuff in his match with Xande at the Copa Podio recently), so we'll see if Rodolfo can put it to the legend that is Braulio Estima.

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