Thursday, May 23, 2013

Future Steroid Bust Alert! Josh Barnett Signs with the UFC

Ring any bells?

The first guy to lose a UFC title belt due to a steroid test who is also the guy that single-handedly sunk Affliction, and has a third failed steroid test on his resume is an Official UFC employee.
Part of me is interested to see Barnett tap out some lackluster UFC heavyweights.
Part of me will be interested to photoshop whatever victory he has turned into a NC due to a positive drug test.
Part of me is DEFINITELY NOT interested in blogging about a fight cancelled due to a failed drug test.



With guys like Che Mills fighting off in no man's UK-MMA land after losing to a guy who subsequently lost his fight on paper due to a marijuana failure on his drug test (*ahem Matthew Riddle), why is a 3 time steroid test failure signing with the UFC?

I'm all for serving your time in purgatory for breaking the rules, and yes, I think marijuana under a certain threshold is not performance-enhancing (hell, I don't think it would enhance any performance if over a certain threshold), but Barnett sunk Affliction/cancelled a great scheduled MMA fight AND lost the belt on a steroid test.

I mean....seriously.

No steroids in this group, no sir.

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