Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Aaaaand He's Gone: Augusto Tanquinho Mendes to MMA after Mundials Win, Lose, or Whatever.

From over at Graciemag:
“After this Worlds, I’ll only focus on MMA, whether I win or lose in Long Beach."

Tanquinho, who has recently beaten Cobrinha at the Abu Dhabi and previously has been one of the few to beat someone with the last name Mendes, will soon be missed in the sport Jiu-Jitsu world. It will be interesting to see his transition to MMA. Jacare recently made waves with his stunning finish of Chris Cammozi, but arguably, there's been a drought of high level Jiu-Jitsu transitioning well into MMA.
I was riding to lunch with one of my coaches yesterday and he mentioned that honestly, you have Roger Gracie, Jacare, and now Sergio Moraes fighting in the UFC. Beyond that Marcelo had some fights, Robson Moura fought in MMA as well, but at the highest levels of the sport (UFC, like it or not), it's become more less visible.
"Main Achievements:
  • World Pro Cup Champion (2011);
  • World No Gi Champion (2012);
  • 2x Rio Open Champion (2009, 2010);
  • 2x Brazilian Team Champion (Black Belt Division);
  • 2x World No-Gi Silver Medallist (2010, 2011);
  • Pan American Bronze Medallist (2009);
  • ADCC Brazilian Trials Champion (Submission de Campos – 2004);
  • 2x Silver Medallist at the Mundial as a Brown Belt & Black Belt (2011)
  • 3x Bronze at the Brazilian Nationals;
Weight Category: Peso Leve (Lightweight) 75kg – 167lbs
Team/Association: Soul Fighters"

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