Tuesday, May 21, 2013

UFC 160: The Happening (Cain vs Bigfoot Part Why?) Countdown Special Debutes Tonight

If you're one of the several thousand people with FuelTV, you're in for a treat. The UFC's talented editing department and hype men will have their work cut out for them (earn those overtime bonuses) for attempting to convince you that Bigfoot has a shot in *&% of beating Cain after Cain put on a biblical (get it?) size beatdown on Cain in their previous fight.

If you're into watching the training montage's, Javier Mendes fluffing Cain's athleticism and movement and probably some Daniel Cormier thrown in there as well combined with repeated reels of Bigfoot KO'ing the not TRT'd to the gills Alistair Overeem in the 3rd round, tune in 9pm Tonight!

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