Tuesday, May 28, 2013

UFC 160 Video Highlights: Cain Catches Bigfoot and Dos Santos Heel Kicks Hunt to Buy Rematch

"Dos Santos will spinning back heel kick Mark Hunt on the temple. It will be amazing."
"No way....."

You may be tired of the headlines, but I'm not. We and by "we" I am definitely referring to myself complain when a card is short on stoppages and long on decisions. Well, the main card delivered this past weekend. We got a guy that may really take the belt from Ben Henderson in TJ Grant punching his ticket at a shot at the belt with a convincing stoppage of Gray Maynard who has only been stopped once previously by a current champion, Frankie Edgar.
We have Dos Santos semi-convincingly earning what is likely a rematch with Cain. We have Cain looking dominant stopping Bigfoot in a needless rematch but busy fight to keep the ring rust at bay which may truly have been the cause behind his previous loss to Dos Santos. The storylines are intriguing!

As is usually the case, a UFC card with semi-low expectations, turned out to have a great night of fights and stoppages for all of us visceral stand n' bangfest bonanza mixed martial arts fans of grown men on TRT and Testosterone and designer PED's punching one another with 5 oz. gloves.


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