Saturday, May 11, 2013

What I'm Working On: On and Off ze Mats

I posted about it HERE with two of my matches, but last month I did my first Jiu-Jitsu tournament since ACL surgery (9 months post op at that point) paying close attention to my implementation of the techniques I'd been drilling to win. The matches went how I'd hoped. I pulled guard/half-guard, then hit my Bernardo Faria deep half sweep or a variation depending on my opponent, got to knee on belly and fnished with a baseball choke or a lapel choke.
I won both the adult blue belt under 149 and 30+ blue belt under 149.

oh yeah, I cut my hair

Competed at US Grappling's Virginia Beach event last week.

I have 4 videos of my matches coming soon.
I won both the adult blue belt under 149 and the 30+ blue belt under 149, finishing all but one of my matches with the same series I've been drilling: Bernardo Faria/deep half sweep or variation to pass, knee on belly then finish with a baseball choke or lapel choke from the top.
I've also been incorporating the over/under pass which you can see two versions HERE and HERE.

On that note, US Grappling always puts on an amazing, well-run, timely event.

I can't recommend them highly enough for their professionalism, general sense of humor, and just being great to work with/volunteer and compete at their event. Their hundredth event is coming up June 22nd (I will be at my mom's wedding that day so I have to miss it, but check them out, they are worth the drive, I promise).

What I'm drilling before class and in the mornings when training partners are available -
Augusto Tanquinho Mendes Guard Pass 
Bruno Frazatto Guard Pass/addressing the cross grip

Competitors I'm studying: Leandro Lo and Gui Mendes - focusing specifically on guard passing and finishing from knee on belly/from the top.

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